Saturday, March 21, 2009


"Optimism is the foundation of courage!" Don't you love this quote? I have spent my many years as an optimist, but never connected it with courage. It takes courage in life to set goals, to focus on your journey, work hard and to experience success and accomplishment.

I am optimistic that I'll recover from this pneumonia that has "clipped my wings!" Those of you who know me, know that I really don't like to be down. I feel like the energy bunny who's batteries ran out. I trust I'll be back to normal soon, as I am a high energy person who has places to go and people to meet.

I'm in between classes and will start April 14Th again with another "How to Write Your Personal History Class" at B-W college. My "Watercolor Art" classes will also restart next week in Strongsville, I am working on a piece (hopefully a masterpiece) that will be shown in my very first art show! Imagine that? . So I will think positive and hope and pray for wellness so I can get back into the mainstream of my life.

Always be optimistic, think positive and appreciate your wellness in life! Make yourself a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Feeling of Accomplishment

I feel so good today, as I have completed a project that has been weighing on my conscience for the past 3 months. Why did I procrastinate? We had 77 inches of snow for Pete's sake and I had many opportunities to do it. But yesterday and today -- the spirit moved me and I did it. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can get going on my next project.

What did I do? Well, I finally finished my photo album from our 50Th Anniversary Party, which was held on October 10, 2008. I used an acid free album and I assembled it into categories, I had 275 pictures, and I relived the special moments and the joyful memories of that special day. I proceeded to add embellishments, although not scrap booking style, to make it look a little professional and I'm happy with the results. I can feel proud of what I have done and now I'll be able to show my completed project to my family and friends.

As I proceeded to work on the album, memories were bouncing around in my head and I relived that weekend all over again. Oh the joy I felt -- every time I would pick up a picture I would relive another memory. I started with arrival of my sister and her husband from Reno, her daughter and family from Canoga Park and my nephews from Reno.

I then started a section on decorating the ballroom with the help of my sister, girls and granddaughters. Everything was so beautiful with the purple napkins and the linen chair covers with the gold bows and the vases of white roses floating in a lighted bed of purple marbles. Setting up the ballroom was quite a bonding experience and so much fun.

Then a section where Donna presents us with corsages and boutonnieres and waiting for the limo bus to arrive. The moment when my husband presented me with a beautiful "bling" ring called "yesterday, today and tomorrow!" This was a shocking surprise, as I didn't expect it at all. We were all dressed to the hilt and God knows when we will all look so good at the same time again. I love my Cannon digital camera, as we were able to capture these moments and memories to go down in history (it was a gift from our children).

We had a reception line at the ballroom and almost 200 people attended. What a tribute to us, that so many people loved us enough to join in our celebration. The food was very good, the disk jockey was fantastic. She made sure there were no lulls in the evening. Of course, we pre-planned everything with her and she was like a wedding planner and did a fabulous job. We have pictures of so many people dancing on the beautiful ballroom dance floor -- all evening. It got pretty wild, and there was Nick leading the samba line. People thought he came with the DJ and was part of the entertainment! By the way Nick, thank you for that you were great! At the end of the evening to the tune of "Goodnight My Love," we ended a beautiful memorable evening and weekend. Although very tired "a good tired" as my mother always said, we all headed to my daughters house the next day for a fabulous spaghetti dinner and gift opening and we have pics of that.

I can't explain it -- my heart was so full of love and joy and I was on cloud nine I have never felt so fabulous in my life!. So every time I get out my album, I can relive this wonderful feeling of love and joy forever. That's why I had to finish my album!

May you experience the feeling of accomplishment and memories of love and joy in your life.