Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ambiance in the Car Wash

I'm sorry for not writing for the past couple of weeks. After one week with a virus, I'm battling a back injury - I think a pulled muscle. I really miss my time at the gym, yoga, water aerobics and Curves. We all know how lousy we feel when we don't work out! This to shall pass as they say.

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to journey out. After all we have had 44 days of snow out of 50 for the month of January and it was now the first week of February, the temps were up to 40 plus degrees (a heat wave) and we had errands to run.

Our errand for that day was to research a special gift for our granddaughter, we call her Deena Beena, who was reaching her sweet 16th birthday this month. Five years ago, we started a precidence for our 5 granddaughters by buying them a birthstone ring for their special day. A remberence, from us, that they would always cherish. So we head to our local jeweler, who has the reputation for the 3 "C's" and quality and got an idea of what we were going to present to our Deena.

Since we were going to the jewelers anyway, I decided to take ALL my "bling" that I have acquired over the past 50 years and have it cleaned and checked, as it is an investment just like a car. I had bling on every finger, wrist and ears. We concluded our research at the jeweler and decided that we would drive thru Mickey Dee's and have our annual artery clogging filet of fish sandwich, fries with a 3 point (weight watchers) ice cream cone and take it home. I said to my husband "why don't we go home the back way and I'll have my ice cream cone finished by the time we get home." On the way home, the back way, we approached the laser car wash. Well it had been over 50 days since our car was relieved of all the salt and brine from the roads and the backsplash of the messy melting snow. We knew our car would really appreciate the bath.

Well, everyone else had the same idea and we had to wait in a looong line. So I had time to finish my ice cream cone and we looked at each other and said "Oh well, we may as well eat our lunch too!" So there we were me in my "bling" eating our drive thru unhealthy food while driving through the car wash. We started to laugh, for this was a "first" in our 50 years of marriage that my husband ever took me for lunch in the laser car wash! We had the music playing - Tony Bennett singing "San Francisco" one of our favorites (talk about ambiance) and it was actually fun. What more could you ask for? So you see it is these little things and moments in your life that matter and can make a good story to tell your grandchildren. Take the time to appreciate the little moments in your life.


  1. I loved this. There is a country song by Brad Paisley called "Little Moments." I agree with you-- it is the little moments that create the best stories. Glad you are back and blinging. I hope your back feels better!