Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Is Spirituality?

I've not blogged for several days but today I have something to share. I'm taking a class at Baldwin-Wallace College, ILR program named "Spirituality - Write On!" I have always wondered what spirituality is, so when this class was offered I decided to jump right on it.

What did I find? So far I have learned that spirituality is instinct and yearning for more than your mind and body -- and recognizing it. There is something deeper and richer going on within yourself. I have found that I can get into this state with yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques, and living life, which I have been practicing for years. It is the relaxation into the mystery of your life no matter what is going on. The power of positive thinking helps!

My teacher also told us about the "bicameral mind." Bicameral meaning your left and right side of your brain. The right side is your intuition and creativity and the left side is analytical and your thinking. I took the Meiers-Briggs Psychology test many years ago and was told I used my right side of my brain more, 7 points (the feeling side). This week I took the same test and I have grown and changed to be using the left side of my brain, 10 points (more thinking and analytical). The numbers were very close. I was surprised and thought this to be very interesting to know that I have grown within myself as an individual. I always thought my feelings got in the way of my thinking, especially when I was in management and had to review my secretary!

I shall learn how to discover myself and not what others think of me, or their perception of me, build my self-esteem and figure out who I am, what I am and what I'm all about. Boy I have allot of work to do in the next 4 weeks of this course. I bet your saying well if she hasn't figured it out by now -- forget it, but -- oh no -- I need to continue to learn and explore my being.

The teacher gave us a reference book called "Broken Open" -- which will present to you a grounding awaking in order to open your "rosebud" -- petal by petal to blossom to the fullest in your life! Isn't that a great scenario?

Those of you interested in cooking might be interested in my WORD FOR THE DAY!

QUINOA (pronounced keenwah)
Quinoa has been hailed as "The Mother Grain" in South American cuisines for thousands of years. It is just beginning to take off in the U.S.
This powerhouse food has more protein than any other (about 22g per 1 cup serving, compared with only 5g per cup for white rice). Like meat and soy, quinoa contains all the essential amino acids our bodies need to function and it is also high in fiber and iron. It has less fat than either meat or soy. Costs less too!
Quinoa has a mild flavor and a pleasant crunch, which make it an easy way to add protein to vegetable soups, stews or chili. Quinoa also offers a great alternative to pasta for salads. Best of all, prerinsed quinoa is as easy to cook as couscous and faster than rice. It is like a very small pastina and a little smaller than couscous.
How to cook: Rinse raw quinoa until water runs clear. Combine one part dried quinoa with 2 parts of water or chicken broth and simmer for about 15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed.
I have used it as a side dish (you can add veggies and seasonings) and cooked it in chicken broth and I also added it to my chicken soup today. I purchased it bulk at our local Mustard Seed Organic Market, in Akron. I say this sounds like a healthy eating tip, don't you? Enjoy!


  1. I think that your class sounds interesting! I want to hear more about it. Keep writing.

    I like quinoa. I ate it a lot more when I was trying to reform my carbs. And coincidentally it's time to do that again.

    I picked up a package at the store last week and then put it back down. I think I'll go get one this week.

  2. I think that this is a great post. I enjoy learning about spirituality, so please keep writing about it. I love food and word's of the days, so your perfect combination really made me happy. Check your e-mail!