Friday, January 23, 2009

Overload Is A Blessing

How can one be retired and experience "overload." I've gotten myself involved in so many things that my desk looks like a cyclone hit it. Okay now, I have to focus , stay grounded and get organized. It is important for me to do a super job at any task that I pursue, after all I'm a "coordinator and leader of many things and I like to have fun!"

I think you already know about my gig at Kent State University. The Women's Basketball Team is honoring the red hats. Pregame we will be in a hat contest and march around the court and the winner with the best hat will win a prize. Get this --- half-time, we will be in a "hoop shooting contest" and will also win prizes. Yours truly has been practicing at our local rec center and trying to excell in her "underhand oopsie daisy" shot. This oughta be good! I don't mind telling you I have never played basketball in my life and my muscles are aching to prove it!

Let's see the Red Hats are going to take a dance class in "Boa Burlesque!" Ummmm this should be very interesting. We shall head up to the Islander and toast to our accomplishments, maybe even practice a little. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall?

We are going to the IX Center to the Home and Flower Show to strut in the Victorian English gardens with our big picture hats and long lacy frilly dresses. We'll have to act very ladylike.

The Bunco party is scheduled for February and is always a hoot, with many prizes, allot of food and laughter. The endorphins will really be flying!

My red hat sister Sandy is a member of the "Grindstone Players." This is a local theatre company, which continued under a new direction, after awesome Bill Allman, (producer/director at B-W College Summer Theatre) died. Sandy periodically does acting parts in this company. We will attend one of her performances soon.

The family "girls" only (nieces, aunts, great nieces) are getting together at Cleats on wing night and I'm really looking forward to catching up and just being together. I should warn them we're coming.

We are going to a theatre production of "Butterflies Are Free." This comedy is produced by Coffeehouse Productions, and the theatre is located in Broadview Heights. This 1972 film originally starred Goldie Hawn.

Tomorrow, we will be attending our second "Ethnic Gourmet "Arabians" Dinner. Six couples have decided we would each take a turn and cook a gourmet meal from our ethnic background.
Our first dinner in November, was Hungarian, tomorrow it will be Irish. Don't you think this a a great idea? These are friends we have known since we were 17 and 21 (a lifetime ago).

So you see I don't have time to get bored or let "moss grow under my feet" and all this is before the middle of February. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have something to look forward to and isn't this a blessing? I must remember to thank God for a full life!

Make yourself a wonderful day!

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  1. I couldn't agree more! You fill each day with so many experiences, I admire it completely. I love the dinner idea, especially since cooking is on my list of things to learn. As I've said several times, I wish I was going to be at the KSU game! I would be front row with a sign! Well, enjoy the rest of this month! Love ya!