Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud To Be An American

Well after many days of sub zero weather, like minus 15 to minus 25 and me being under house arrest for 2 days, I had to get out. I actually enjoyed grocery shopping, they call it "going to the market" out West. The winter doldrums have set in and my artificial knees, being that they are made of plutonium, catch the freeze pretty darn quick. We have had 14 straight days of snow and sub zero temps and 44 days out of 50 with some kind of precipitation. Wish I was in CA, PX or FL. I know I can't do anything about this so I'll have to accept it and be grateful for my health. I guess I can dream of a beautiful day in the sun -- about 3 months from now! "Don't worry be happy" - right?

Sunday my son Vince, and grandson Vinnie came over and plowed the foot and a half of snow out to the barn ( about 75 feet) so we could get the boxes out and undecorated the tree and the house. Don't you think it was about time? I had to bribe them with my famous sloppy Joe's, potato salad and from scratch brownies! I'm so grateful they came even though the weather was still not to great. They also plowed our 24 x 24 ft. deck, as when the thaw starts we possible could have water damage in the house. We are so lucky to have our children live so close and be willing to help. We are truly blessed.

Monday, I started my first class in writing. It is called "Spirituality -- Write It Down!"
I'm going to try to get in touch with my inner self and be able to write it down and use it in my attempt to write my "Personal History - As I remember it!" (I've been working on this for 2 years now). The teacher is a retired minister and she is a very good speaker, a bit depressing. Although her thoughts on meditation for healing, ties right in my my yoga class. It's always refreshing to get rid of the toxins in our body with the realease that yoga and meditation gives us. I'll give the class another chance next week. I have homework -- we have to bring in a saying, poem, sentence, sonnet-- something that really grabs us and/or rocks our boat! We have to tell how it might affect us personally. I'll let you know what I picked later.

Today is the MOST enlightening day of my life in this great country of ours. We have a leader who is giving us hope, is planning for peace, restoring the economy, health and education and guess what --- after watching him dance with his wife at the "Neighborhood Inauguration Ball" , to the tune of "At Last", he really knows how to treat his woman! It was fabulous! This has been a joyful day for all of our country, the combining of all races and ideas. As I wipe my tears, I feel so proud to be a part of this great day -- the making of history. I taped the whole day on our DVR so I can relive every moment again. God Bless America!

Tomorrow, after a meeting and yoga, I'll attempt my basketball practice, I guess you could call it "hoop's" practice. Getting ready for Kent State University, Ladies Basketball Red Hat Half-Time Hoops Contest. I'll be using my famous "underhand oopsie daisy" shot. If I'm standing in the right place I can usually sink it.

They say we need eleven (11) hugs a day -- hug someone today! Remember to stay positive in your lives and the 4 "L's" -- Live, Love and Laugh. Make yourself a Wonderful Day!


  1. Our family really is great, huh? I'm glad someone came over and took care of the snow. Speaking of which, I send you some sunshine. If it makes you feel better, the clouds are out today (considerably ugly for CA). I cannot wait to see some of the work your produce in your class, it shall be interesting. GOBAMA! What a great time to live!

  2. Yes, yesterday was a day to remember forever. I've saved all the newspapers for the past 2 days to put in my "history in the making,in my lifetime" file. I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to know we have a leader that will give us hope for our country. He has a humungous task at hand. God be with him. Love, AE